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LOL!!! 12 Epic Doggy Moments That Only Chihuahua Owners Can Relate To

They are cute, energetic, and sometimes they feel as if they were the bosses of the house. If you live with a chihuahua, you will understand that living with them it is not easy. However, it is the best to wake up every morning and see your cute pup next to you. But how do we relate to them?

When you try to motivate them to do physical activity and all you get is this nonsense!

When you quickly realize that you will never eat in peace again!

When chihuahua snoring gets out of control

When you realize your dog is way more picky than you

And way cooler than you.

When you end up to the conclusion that there is no outfit your pup cannot use.

When you arrive at home and see this kind of mess.

When you most of the time feel like somebody is looking at you.

When your dog gives you the cutest look after bath time!

When your dog has a better social life than you!

When your dog ends up being the owner of your room and bed!

When you remember at the end of the days that you basically own a friend, a son, a member of your family to love. And that’s the best that can happen to dog owners!

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