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How sweet! Mom brings home a baby pig to her Lab unaware that she’ll end up raising it

Unexpected relationships don't only happen to humans.

Animals can form unexpected friendships, too. And most of their stories are heartwarming and unique.

Have you ever seen a dog and a wild pig getting along?

Sounds interesting, right?

Say hello to Biu Biu and Yezhu.

They are inseparable, and their story is also famous online.

Their fur mom, Dora Ngai, shared their touching story, and it definitely won people over.

In addition, people are always drawn by their cute pics and videos together.

How did these two adorable animals meet?

Well, Biu Biu has been with Dora for quite some time, along with her fellow canines, Benjamin and Ginger.

Then, the adorable wild boar entered their lives unexpectedly.

Back then, the pig was just a few weeks old, and he was found by Dora's gardener.

The gardener then spent some time looking for the mother of the poor creature, but he didn't find it.

Thankfully, Dora welcomed Yezhu into the family without hesitation.

She probably didn't think twice, given that she loves animals.

She then allowed it to mingle with her fur babies.

That was the start of Yezhu and Biu Biu's incredible friendship.

There's a video of their first meeting.

Apparently, they clicked right away.

It looks like they were meant to be best friends.

In the video, Yezhu even fearlessly put his body inside Biu Biu's mouth, as if they've known each other for a long time.

And it seemed like the cute doggo had no qualms about befriending the boar.

After a few days, weeks, and months, this duo grew even closer.

They do a lot of fun activities together alongside Benjamin and Ginger.

And you know what?

They also eat together.

How sweet!

These adorable best friends also love playing with their fur mom, Dora, and of course, they do it together.

There's even a video where the two of them give her kisses simultaneously.

It's just so heartwarming to watch.

Biu Biu and Yezhu's hobbies

Obviously, they love to snuggle next to each other, and Yezhu's favorite pillow is none other than Biu's body.

Swimming is also one of their favorite pastimes.

Sometimes, they would just lie down next to each other, doing nothing.

They really have an amazing friendship that anyone would wish to have.

It's inspiring how Yezhu grew up with the guidance of his fur mommy and his dog dad, Biu Biu.

They've always been together ever since Yezhu became part of the family.

From being a baby up to now that he is already a huge pig, Yezhu is still enjoying his life with his Labrador dad.

A look into their daily lives

Thanks to Dora for always posting some updates about her loving fur babies, most especially, a peek into Biu Biu and Yezhu's friendship.

Although their size is almost the same now, they still enjoy playing with each other, just as they did when Yezhu was still a baby.

Their friendship is not just an inspiration, but it also brings joy to many people.

On Dora's Instagram posts, you'll notice in the comments that lots of people enjoy watching Biu Biu and Yezhu's bonding moments.

I mean, who wouldn't?

If you would like to witness this unique but heartwarming friendship, make sure to watch the video below!

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