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OK! Exclusive: Blake Shelton Ready To Take On Role As A Dad With Gwen Stefani!

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Inside Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani's Insanely Lavish Life

Blake Shelton and  Gwen Stefani only just announced they were dating, but things are getting serious! But what's more exciting than a new romance for Blake is that he finally gets to be a dad!

A source told  Magazine that ever since Gwen made a move on Blake, they’re so smitten, it’s been tough to hide their feelings. “Blake has a picture of Gwen as the screen saver on his phone,” the source said. “When they’re together, they literally can’t wipe the smiles off their faces. It’s very sweet.”

But it’s much more than a recent divorcee fling!  co-hosts are very seriously dating, the source insists. “They don’t just want to date; they want to be a family.”

The insider said that Blake has already become friendly with Gwen’s kids— Kingston, 9,  Zuma, 7, and  Apollo, 20 months—and their plan is to “let them get to know Blake as a friend” and then as a father figure!

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