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1. No matter how tightly your home is locked up, you’ll imagine some scenario in which your dog escapes.


2. Not to mention the countless other things that could go wrong when you leave them alone.

3. You’ve definitely had to fortify your furniture with stylish-looking coverings.

4. Clearly, going on vacation isn’t even an option unless you can take your pet with you.

5. But if you absolutely MUST leave your dog at home, you leave them with a most trusted friend.

6. You’re sure to check the ingredients of every new food you buy.

7. That includes the treats that they love so much.

8. And you know the weight of your dog right down to the pound.

9. You know, by heart, what human foods to never give your pet.

10. And if you own any plants, you’ve had to find ones that are pet-friendly.

11. And for the tiniest scratch, you’ve been to the regular vet AT LEAST once.

12. There are more dog toys lying around your home than, say, anything else at all.

13.If your pet sleeps anywhere but right next to you at night, you worry that something might be amiss…

14.You sit at work thinking ONLY about how much your pet must be missing you right now.

15. And of course, how much you’re missing them.

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