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Never Alone During Their Final Moments! Senior Dogs Get to Enjoy Their Golden Years in This Retirement Home

House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary takes care of senior dogs so they can happily enjoy their golden years. Sher Polvinale is the Director of House With a Heart, and Harriette Sackler is the Vice President.

They take care of all kinds of senior dogs and attend to every need they may have. Every dog that comes to live with them stays there until their final day.

Typically the dogs will come from a shelter or owners who are moving to nursing homes or a family member passed away. Once House with a Heart adopts them, there are no more worries that the dog will get moved again.

It is an expensive task taking care of several dogs with various and specific needs. A dog named Spencer needed around $8000 for his surgeries. Thanks to the help of their supporters, Spencer got what he needed.

Sher gets up at 6 am and prepares the food for each dog. They all need something, and the volunteers start arriving at 11 am.

It was challenging to have other people help at first. Now the volunteers are part of the family and make everything easier. The volunteers do everything from gardening to giving medication to the dogs.

Harriette is there to transport the dogs during an emergency, and her most painful task is staying with them when it’s time to say goodbye. They always ensure the dogs are never alone during their final moments.

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