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It's Difficult But He Did It! Rescue Poodle Whose Front Legs Amputated Is Now Getting The Most Out Of Her Life

Little poodle Cora Rose was rescued by Zach Skow, the founder of , and his wife Heather Skow after a grievous car accident a few years ago. The accident broke both of her legs, and her heart, too. Cora was taken to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital right away, and they had to amputate her front legs.

But luckily, Cora was a strong girl. The pain quickly passed, she slowly tried to move and started wagging her tail.

The pup gradually learned to stand up and walk with her hind legs. Day by day, as her two legs grew stronger, she became happier.

Now, the amazing girl can stand like a hero and hop like a kangaroo. She always keeps moving forward. She also has a wheelchair to run whenever she feels like.

Every day, Cora is enjoying a great life. She fits in perfectly with the Skow family. She gets along with other dogs really well, she has an amazing friendship with Zach and Heather’s daughter, and she’s even teaching the toddler how to walk.

Watch Cora’s inspiring journey in the video below:

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