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So Precious Like Disney! “The Fox And The Hound” Friendship! Rescue Fox And A Bulldog Become Inseparable And Form A Real-Life

“They do everything together,” said Pauline Ashanolla, mom to Marley the rescued fox and Ernie the bulldog, writes kingdomstv.

Its a Disney movie brought to life!

When Pauline Ashanolla rescued the little two-week-old fox, who she named Marley, she wasn’t quite sure how her dogs would react to a sibling from another species.

The abandoned and frightened cub was discovered by the couple who were unable to find a rescue centre that would take the fox.

So Pauline, who was already known to be passionate about helping animals, decided to take care of the little vixen herself and nurse her back to health.

“Marley was so poorly when we found her, she was covered in flies and ticks… She definitely would have died if she’d been found just 15 minutes later.”

“I was worried about Marley at first and how she would get on with the dogs, especially.”

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