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So Smart! Puppy Alerted Owners Of House Fire Via Doorbell Cam

The saddest part about having a pet is we have no choice but to leave them alone at home whenever we have to go to work, no matter how hard it could be. And when something unexpected happens during that time, the situation will be even more troublesome.

Americo Ledezma and Nestor Gonzalez were both absent when their house in Orlando, Florida caught on fire, but unfortunately another member of their family was still there – their beloved poodle Prada. The one-year-old girl was barking like crazy in the kitchen at that moment, which was just weird because she’d never done so.

The guys tried to soothe her nerves by talking to her via the Ring doorbell cam of their home. But then 30 minutes later, she started barking again, so fiercely that they decided to turn their camera on. This time, they immediately realized why Prada had been trying so hard to capture their attention: they saw smoke everywhere.

The two men immediately rushed back to their house, only to find out it was set on fire. And the very first thing that came to their mind was whether Prada was safe.

Thankfully, the brave firefighters from Orange County Fire Rescue Department managed to get there in time and carried Prada outside safely. Her beautiful white fur turned gray, but she was totally unharmed! Not to mention the firefighters said that disaster would have been much, much worse if Prada hadn’t called for help.

The real cause of the fire has yet to be disclosed, but it doesn’t matter to Americo and Nestor as long as their dear friend is still fine.

Please Prada’s heroic act with your loved ones!

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