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15 Things That You Have to Bndure of Your Chihuahua for Real Love!

1. They never want to spend any time with you.

2. And they won't bond with your children.

3. In fact, they won't even give your kids the time of day.

4. They never take a break.

5. Seriously, you'll never get a moment's peace.

6. You'll end up losing fingers from all the biting they do.

7. You'll spend countless hours trying to train them — but it can't be done.

8. You're gonna have to get rid of your cat, because they can't stand being around them.

9. They won't play anyway.

10. And half of the time, you're breaking up fights they get in with other dogs.

11. So just forget about taking trips to the dog park.

12. There's absolutely nothing majestic about them.

13. Plus, they're ugly.

14. They never listen to a word you say

15. They're never anxiously waiting for you to come home.

 And they'll never, ever make you proud to be their best friend.

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