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7 Ways to Pamper Your Chihuahua!

1-Update an Old Bed

Is Fido's favorite sleeping spot looking a bit tattered?

2-Go for a Walk

Most dogs love a leisurely stroll. It not only provides exercise but also creates a bonding experience between pet and owner.

3-Organize All the Doggy Things

Though this might not instantly excite your four-legged friend, it will benefit them in the long run. Organization means easier access to all their favorite treats and toys.

4-Go for a Swim

This is totally dependent on your dog. For instance, my four-legged friend does not appreciate pool days, but her doggy BFF swims any chance he gets.

5-Make a New Toy

6-Time for a New Collar

7-Brush Them

That's right — I'm suggesting a doggy massage. Before you deem me a crazy dog lady, (OK fine, I agree.) know that a massage can calm your dog's nerves, prevent injury and relieve soreness or stiffness. Totally worth it! But if Fido's not feeling it, try giving a good brushing instead.

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