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Heartwarming Story Of Blind Puma Rescued By Woman At Pumakawa Reserve

Meet Estanislao, a blind puma, who was taken in by his caregiver Kai Patcha at The Pumakawa Animal Reserve in Argentina as a cub

“Estanislao’s central nervous system has been permanently and irreversibly damaged, and he requires assistance; he cannot fend for himself,” Kai wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, he was injured when a harvester in a cornfield accidentally ran over him and his sibling

“In the area of General Cabrera, Córdoba, a harvester ran over two puma cubs that were in a pit, frightened,” shared Kai.

They might have been looking for prey, alternative food to what the brushland can no longer provide. “This is a reality. On the one hand, it pushes us to work out the environmental situation. And then, to work with the community in education, to agree on safeguards: Something as simple as the harvesters considering the need to warn of their presence with noise, light, or motion, so that wildlife can move back to the sides,” told Kai to .

A family who witnessed what happened saw the mother take one of the cubs but not the other. They decided to give first aid to the abandoned cub, Estanislao

As Estanislao’s blindness was irreversible, he would not have been able to survive in the wild

“Estanislao could not survive in nature, so our challenge is to find a way for him to live comfortably. To find the techniques and strategies for his needs,” shared Kai on Instagram.

After his wounds healed, the family brought him to Pumakawa where he was taken care of by Kai Pacha and her dog Mojo

Over time, they developed a beautiful bond based on trust, and Estanislao now lives a happy and fulfilling life, despite his blindness

He is confident in finding his way around, and even has snuggle time with rescue cougar cubs, although he is not able to be in contact with adult cougars

Kai’s house is made of mud, and the heat from a salamander stove blends with the scent of burning palo santo in the air. It is situated within the two hectares now occupied by the reserve premises, but is set apart from the rest; it is separated from the first-aid room, the tiny home where volunteers sleep, the cafeteria, the handicraft store, the tree nursery, and the hall where the animal enclosures are.

Estanislao’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s kindness and compassion, as well as the profound bond that can form between humans and animals

“Estanislao Monte, ‘Always Standing’, is the meaning of his name” Kai wrote on Instagram

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