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9 Sings Your Chihuahua Thinks He’s Boss

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Does your dog have a life of luxury, possibly one far more blessed than yours? It might be time to accept that your dog is the boss of you.

Here are the telltale signs:

1. Sometimes you throw and fetch Because your Chihuahua found an empty bottle that is much better than a ball.

So who has to walk all the way across the park to retrieve it? You do, because your Chihuahua is the boss.

2. You sleep on their bed.

3. Your dog has more clothes than you

Your dog is the trendiest one at the park and you always shop the latest trends.

4. Your dog gets between you and your laptop

They just can’t see you on it. They have to come between you. And, of course, you let it happen.

5. They plan your weekends.

Long dog walks, dog friendly pubs, shopping for dog food and treats, spend the evening at home with the dog…

6. You go to the toilet and you always have company

7. Everything is personalised

Lest we forget who owns this bed, this bowl, or this tiny hoodie, your dog’s name is on everything.

8. Your dog gets more Christmas presents than your other half

9.  First your dog eats, then you eat

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