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So Cute! Giant Dog Is Absolutely Obsessed With Wearing 'Crocs'!!

Hooch is a gigantic, goofy dog whose favorite things include new friends, tiny dogs and getting lots of attention. She does everything in life with genuine excitement and is always eager to see what's next.

Hooch often wears booties to protect her paws while she's outside, and when her mom saw "Crocs" for dogs advertised online, she knew she had to buy a pair for Hooch and try them out. She thought it would at least be a cute photo shoot — but as soon as she put them on, Hooch fell in love.

"She was instantly excited when I put them on, and we HAD to do a test walk," Holly Smith, Hooch's mom, told The Dodo.

Hooch galloped around outside in her new "Crocs," happy as could be. Now she wears them all the time and is down for pretty much any activity that involves her "Crocs," including photo shoots …

Walks …

And just generally showing them off to the world.

"She loves them," Smith said. "She gets extra attention when wearing them."

Hooch only has one pair of "Crocs" for now, but more could be in the cards down the line. They just bring her so much joy, and everyone who sees her wearing them can definitely feel the joy, too.

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