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Amazing!Chihuahua Dogs Colors and Markings.

List of the Colors of Chihuahua Dogs and Its Descriptions

One of the best and interesting things about Chihuahua is that this type of dog has a wide variety of colors. Chihuahua is a unique type of dog because of its markings and different color combinations.

Because of Chihuahua’s different markings and colors, lots of dog owners are wondering about these things.

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What is the Rarest Color of Chihuahua Dogs?

The rarest color of Chihuahua dogs is snow white. Those pure white Chihuahuas without markings are said to be the rarest because these types are difficult to produce.

To have a pure white Chihuahua, it is a must that both parents are white. Their parents must have no black pigments on their genes.

What is the Most Common Color of Chihuahua Dogs?

Chihuahua dogs come in a wide range of color combinations. Chihuahua dogs’ most common colors are red, fawn, chocolate, cream, white, black, and brown.

Some Chihuahuas have color combinations, which include:

    Chocolate & tan – This type is predominantly chocolate in color, but it displays tan patches on Chihuahua’s face or in their chest area.
    White & chocolate – This type of Chihuahuas is mostly chocolate, but some white areas are on their chest, legs, or face. 
    Chocolate brindled fawn – It’s a variety that features a brown coat with different shades of light brown from shadowy, and a medium to light color that gives brindle appearances. These Chihuahuas may have streaks of some other colors.

What Color Chihuahua Dog is the Most Expensive?

Chihuahua dogs are more expensive to buy than any other type of dog out there. But, do you know what color Chihuahua dog is the most expensive? Well, it’s a pure white chihuahua.

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