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Thanks To Thes Brave Firefighter Abseils Down Craggy Cliff To Save Puppy’s Life

Going out is always fun, especially going out with your dog. But nature sometimes could be truly risky, and owners should always be on the lookout for bad things to happen to their buddy. Don’t let the fun take over you.

This incident happened just three days ago in San Francisco, when a man decided to take his labrador retriever puppy out for a walk at Fort Funston. And in just one minute when the man was a little distracted, the poor dog suddenly fell off the rugged cliff.

His owner immediately called 911, and thankfully, the firefighters from the San Francisco Fire Department were there to solve the problem. They showed up right away with all the needed tools, and quickly rappelled down the cliff to save the unlucky dog.

The sportive puppy was brought to the top without a hitch and handed to the owner safely. A bit of a mental shock was unavoidable, but luckily no injury was found on the dog’s body. Of course, our heroic firefighter was safe, too.

San Francisco Fire Department later shared a clip of the brave firefighter rescuing the unfortunate dog on their Twitter account, and in the post they emphasized that owners should be more alert while walking with their dogs, specifically in such dangerous places.

“We are happy this was a success with no injuries,” they tweeted. “We understand the excitement of being outside, and the nature of our four-legged extended family members. Remember, stay on trails, consider your leash.”

The department also reminded people that in case something unexpected happened, they would always be ready to deal with all of the troubles: “When necessary, and if your partner does go off a cliff, do not try to rescue yourself; call 911. We can’t you all to have a pawfect time and make positive memories woof sharing.”

Again, thank you, our heroes!

Please this story to help increase the vigilance of dog owners out there.

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