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Hilarious puppy melts hearts adorably trying to win ‘aloof’ cat’s affection

Babies are very cute, and they’re so curious. This is true of both human and animal babies.

But not everyone is sold on their charms — like the cat in the video below.

We know some adults who do so, but we’ll never tell you who among us is. All we know is that one cat exemplified this mood of a reluctant babysitter who unfortunately found themselves surrounded by babies.

The video starts with the cat in question.

He was sitting a foot away from the bundle of infant fur balls.

These cute puppies looked like they’re just a few weeks old, and they’re in the perfect form to melt anyone’s heart.

Not this cat, though.

The cat just stared at the puppies like they’ll give him some kind of allergy. His gaze is unrelenting and his posture is strangely vigilant.

The cat is making sure that this cuteness will not overwhelm him, which proves to be difficult when one of them suddenly “attacks.”

A puppy walked over to his siblings to say hello to their babysitter.

With his little tail wagging, the puppy moved closer until he’s a sniff distance away from the cat. The cat, however, just froze at the moment. After getting back to his senses, he quickly leans back as if the puppy soiled his pants.

Instead of pouncing on the puppy, though, commenters have noted the cat’s gentle reaction.

They assumed that the cat knew that these were baby animals. They’re annoying, at least for him, but they’re not a threat. The puppy didn’t stop wanting to be friends with him.

If the cat stops at any spot on the bed, the little tyke is sure to follow. The cat is very apprehensive but the puppy kept on sniffing and investigating.

They looked like that famous movie where the cat is the old man, and the little excited puppy is the Boy Scout who just wants to make sure he’s okay.

The more the cat avoided him, the more the puppy followed.

He kept on sniffing and biting the babysitter. He kept on climbing over him in hopes that the cat would turn and play. He might be a cat, but sooner or later, his defenses would have to give.

This puppy just showered him with curious affection, turning the cat into the better version of the Grinch. In the end, if he can’t beat them, he might as well play with them – with less-than-bare-minimum effort, however.

In the end, you can only do much against that “cuteness.”

He just lay on his side while the little puppy climbed over him. This time, he didn’t scamper away.

This time, he just let the puppy be.

Life is hard for a reluctant babysitter.

But fortunately for this cat, his chore is full of adorable energy. All he needs to do is lie down, watch them run, and make sure none of them falls from the bed.

This guy would rather be anywhere else, but despite his annoyance, he’s still oh-so-gentle.

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