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12 Cute Expressions Every Chihuahua Parent Will Instantly Recognise

It is a fact that chihuahuas are one of the most popular breeds on the world. If you want to meet love, the only thing you need to do is to get a chihuahua. As you have realized chihuahuas use their expressions in order to communicate things they feel. They have mastered that ability of doing face expressions, as a result, you inmediatly will know what they want to say.

Here we will show you 15 expressions every chihuahua owner will instantly recognise.

The ‘Is that food, what you have there?‘ face

The ‘I got you, you can’t say NO to those eyes’  face

The ‘What food did you buy for me today?’ face

The ‘I’m just going to pretend I am confused’ face

The ‘Please, continue playing with me please …’ face

The ‘Yes, I did something bad but I won’t tell you what happened’ face

The ‘ This food tastes good, give me more’ face

The ‘Hey you, let’s go for a walk’ face

The ‘Trying to be invisible’ face

The ‘No, I haven’t been in the mud’ face

The ‘Oh don’t worry, I am not looking your food. I just like watching you eat’ face

The ‘Did you say Vet?‘ face

The ‘Please dad, can you give me some more?’ face

The ‘You really bought it for me!’ face

And finally, the ‘I’m the happiest dog in the world being with you ’ face

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