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Internet Goes Crazy Over Beautiful Black Labrador With Vitiligo

a dog with vitiligo will remind us that all of us are beautiful regardless of our appearance

 We’ve seen a lot of humans and animals with vitiligo, a disorder in which the skin’s pigment cells die (melanocytes).

People are sometimes self-conscious about medical illnesses, but a vitiligo dog will remind us that we are all attractive despite of our looks.

Meet Blaze, a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever who lives with his father, Santeri Frilander, in Finland. He was born with an all-black coat, but vitiligo spots began to appear all over his body approximately a year ago.

Frilander explained, “The white hue began spreading from a little place on his ear.” “Intriguingly, all of his siblings and sisters are still single-colored.”

Blaze, it turns out, has vitiligo. It is more frequent in people, but dogs can also have it. However, this does not prevent him from enjoying his daily life. Despite his transformed look, he is totally healthy and energetic since vitiligo just affects the appearance and nothing else.

He’s always willing to accompany you wherever you go,” his father said. “He even enjoys traveling by automobile.”

Blaze just became popular when his father uploaded images of him on social media. People fall in love with him and can’t get enough of his captivating beauty.

“He wants to make people happy and make them smile,” Santeri continued. “He is now ten years old and has earned several nicknames as a result of his age, including ‘The Old Man’ and ‘The Funny Old Man.’

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